Company Overview On YZJ Shipbuilding




In below analyzed chart, the stock can be seen having an uptrend, after taking base around the 1.35 region (Strong Support) and the 1.50-1.55 region acting as Pivot Point region with 1.60 presumably be the next hurdle.(Strong Resistance)




On the back of strong fundamentals and with that the technical indicators to support. We can say that the company is in a good position to grow even further in the market, currently it is ranked 52nd among the world in shipbuilding company. And according to the current news pertaining to updated IMO regulations to impose restriction on old vessels ships and advised to opt new technology vessels that will generate demand in market and the company can take benefit from this situation in long run. And as per the technical if stock sustains above the pivot region then one can enter in the stock by keeping a mid to long term view in prospect. So on overall basis the stock is currently doing well and can be seen as a one to trust to provide good returns in long run.


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