Pentamaster Corporation Berhad, an investment holding company, designs, assembles, and installs computerized automation systems and equipment in Malaysia, China, Japan, Singapore, the Republic of Ireland, the United States, and internationally. The company operates through three segments; Automated Equipment, Automated Manufacturing Solutions, and Smart Control Solution System. It also designs and manufactures smart control solution systems, automated testing equipment, test and measurement systems, and high precision machine parts; provides equipment design and mrty project management activities.
The company offers semiconductor manufacturing automation solutions, such as temperature test handlers, input/output media transferring handlers, in-line power module test handlers, bowl to bin test handler for MEMS package, and laser marking solutions, as well as test, vision, marking, and T&R handlers; vision inspection solutions; and RFID solutions, building automation systems/building management systems, and smart home solutions. It also offers LED test solutions, such as bench equipment and accessories, LED handlers/sorters, LED testers, LED tapers, strobe light controllers, constant current racks/modules, open-short-leakage testers, and high temp humidity chambers; material handling equipment, including conveyors, industrial furniture, industrial lifters, sortation solutions, mobile compactors, and robotics, as well as services; and packaging solutions comprising big bags FIBC/IBC filling and emptying systems, open-mouth bags, and valve bag filling systems.
Pentamaster Corporation Berhad is headquartered in Bayan Lepas, Malaysia.
 Pentamaster Corporation Berhad (an investment holding company) is a global leader in providing advanced, world-class automation solutions and services to help worldwide customers meet their productivity challenges and maintain the edge required for success in a competitive business environment. Through our subsidiaries, we provide an integrated range of innovative services in manufacturing of automated and semi-automated machinery and equipments, designing and manufacturing of precision machinery components, as well as design, assembly and installation of computerized automation systems and equipments.Our customers include major semiconductor, computer, pharmaceutical, medical, food & beverage, automotive and consumer goods industries worldwide.With more than 15 years of experience in dealing with high-end technology companies worldwide, we are confident to compete in terms of manufacturing flexibility, quality services, cost-effective solutions and timely delivery to our customers.
     PENTAMASTER CORPORATION BERHAD – The Board of Directors of PCB (“Board”) wishes to announce that the Company is considering the pursuit of a separate listing of its automated solution business on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HK Stock Exchange”).
    From last few months the company has shown the positive trend to attract the investor to invest in PENTAMASTER CORPORATION LTD. As the recorded revenue of 2017 first quater is higher by RM47.6 million as compare to RM28.6 million in the corresponding quarter last year i.e increase by 66.4%. There is increase in profit before tax of company by 121.4%.it is expected that the demand of aur test solution for smart devices will grow rapidly. Total assests of the company has increased in 2017 as compare to 2016 by 29.8%.

     might possible the increase in  the stock in near future as from last six months its on up trend but currently the price of stock is lesser so its a right time for investor to buy the stock at lesser price only which surely provide profit of approx 20 to 25 cents in 4-5 weeks. It is expected that the stock price will increase.


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