Company Overview On Superlon


Superlon Worldwide has accumulated more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) foam. Our utmost priority is to assure consistent excellence of our insulation materials and provide a service that is second to none. We pride ourselves in presenting our customers with quality products together with prompt and reliable services.

current share price- 2.030 MYR

Incorporated in Malaysia in 1992

Superlon Worldwide is the preferred NBR insulation manufacturer for the HVAC and R industry in Malaysia. Over the years, we have gained a wide array of experienced business partners, and formed various valuable collaborations and distribution networks allowing us to be the market leader.
Current News
Recently, The Board of Directors of Superlon Holdings Berhad  announced that the Company will adopt a dividend policy to allow shareholders to participate in the profits of Superlon, as well as keeping sufficient reserves for future growth. This dividend policy will take effect from the financial year ending 30 April 2018. An Interim dividend of 1.5 sen per ordinary share, tax exempt under single-tier system in respect of the financial year ending 30 April 2018 is also being announced by the company.
It also announced that the Proposed Share Split is completed following the listing of and quotation for 160,000,000 split shares on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad with effect from 9.00 a.m. on 8 June 2017 and the despatch of notices of allotment to entitled shareholders of Superlon on 9 June 2017.
Fundamental Outlook
The company’s financials shows a positive results in the first quarter of the year 2017, as the revenue generated was 3.2 million MYR, and comparing the revenues with that in the year 2016 which was 2.3 million MYR, and same with the profits which  showed an increament of 39%. Thus, resulting in the  increased profit attributable to the ordinary shareholders which in turn resulted in the increased Earning Per Share (EPS). The stock is at its highest price of 2.030 MYR, and evaluating the comapany’s Financials in light with the current related news pertaining to the company.

“it is expected that the stock will move in an upward direction, with an increase in 20 to 30 cents, in the upcoming 2-3 weeks. Thus, one can enter into the stock in order to get 10% to 15%  of profits.”


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